Security Camera Shows Heroic Pup Running To Old Dog Friend Who Fell In Pool

Luna and Caipirinha have been the best of friends ever since they met, and the two dogs would do anything for each other. And that sentiment was proven when the backyard security camera caught a moment of potential disaster that quickly turned heroic.

Luna is a 14-year-old senior dog and can’t see as well as before. And she’s much less adventurous now compared to when she was a younger pup. So Julieta Firpo was taken aback when Luna came into the house soaking wet one day. And following behind came Caipirinha as wet as could be.

So Mom checked the surveillance footage to try and see what had happened.

Source: Julieta Firpo/Facebook

It turned out Luna had lost her footing and fell into the swimming pool. As she started to panic, Caipirinha came running to the rescue! The helpful dog worked to lead the senior dog toward the shallow end of the pool where she could grab her collar and pull her to safety. What a hero!

Julieta made plans to block off the swimming pool so this can never happen again. Fortunately, the two dogs still have plenty more to look forward to in life together, and it’s all thanks to Caipirinha’s heroics.