Shaking Shelter Dog Finally Learns To Enjoy Life Again


When it comes to animals, they have the same emotional range that we do. They can feel great pain and sadness, especially when they have gone through something traumatic, like living on a farm or ending up in an animal shelter.

Most animals who end up in animal shelters are rarely ever happy. They’re scared and sad, completely confused as to why they’re in there.

All they want to someone to love them, but in order to do so, they have to come out of their shells – something that can be extremely hard for some animals.

When we adopted one of our cats, it took us a whole two weeks to fully break through to her and get her to fully trust us. But in the end, we got there. It’s amazing what a lot of patience and love, and a little bacon can do.

For Lee Asher, it wasn’t an easy task trying to gain the trust of a particularly scared dog at an animal shelter. Time and time again, the poor dog would retreat beneath a table where she would hide, shaking with fear.

However, he was eventually able to break through to her with a little bit of patience and caring.

This breakthrough helped Lala find her confidence, something that helped her find a happily ever after that she so desperately deserved.