She Always Sees The Same Stray Dog On The Security Cam Like He’s Seeking Help

A stray dog kept showing up on Emily’s security camera, and it turned out the neighbors had been trying to capture and help the pup. But anytime anyone approached, the dog took off running. It was about a week later when Emily was out walking her dogs when she turned around, and right there he sat!

He seemed to bond with her dogs, Kokoro and Chibi, and followed them home and into the backyard. He was hesitant and kept his tail between his legs but ate the biscuits and drank the water offered. Emily then extended the invitation for him to come into their house…

The sweet boy was nervous and looked around with confusion but soon found a spot to settle in for a bit. But the next morning, he broke out of his shell a little bit!

Source: The Dodo/Facebook

A trip to the vet would set Mello on a healthy path, but the family really felt as if he truly deserved to have someone’s full attention