Shivering Dog Spotted In The Snow With Orphaned Kittens Curled Up Next To Her

It was a cold night in Ontario, Canada, when a good Samaritan spotted a dog on the side of the road shivering in the snow. They pulled over to help and noticed that she was curled up with some kittens trying to keep them warm.

This sweet pup had stayed out in the snow with these five orphaned kitties to protect them.

And this person made the right call to get them to the Pet and Wildlife Rescue for the night.

And at this point, the dog and kitties had already formed a strong bond. The dog has taken on the role of a surrogate mother and always checks in on their progress to see how they’re doing!

Source: Pet and Wildlife Rescue

It’s unclear where the dog and kittens came from or if they knew each other before being found out in the snow alone.

Source: Pet and Wildlife Rescue

Pet and Wildlife Rescue is hoping an owner comes forward, but if not, they’ll all be put up for adoption. But the one thing that is clear — this dog saved the kitties’ lives!

Source: Pet and Wildlife Rescue