Six-year-old dog whisperer tries to rescue lost dog

A little girl named Meghan Topping has an incredible skill: she’s a ‘dog whisperer.’ This six-year-old has a way with dogs, and they seem to trust her without question.

Meghan put her skills to the test when a dog went missing in a nearby town.

The dog was named Daisy, and she was a shepherd mix who had just been adopted from a shelter in Northern California. Since Daisy had just moved into her new home, she was still a bit skittish. And so, two days after being adopted, she made her way out of her backyard and quickly got lost.

The family posted Daisy on the Hollister Animal Lost and Found Facebook group in hopes of finding their lost dog. Almost immediately, members of the Facebook group began responding and told the family they had spotted Daisy running around Hollister.


For over two months, people continued to report these sightings of Daisy, but nobody had any luck in actually retrieving her so she could return home.


“She was in fight or flight mode. All the typical things like cage traps and baiting with smelly foods was not working. Our only way to learn her trust was to get somehow she might remember,” Deanna Barth, animal rescue expert, explained.


Hoping to find somebody who was close enough to Daisy to bring her back home, Deanna was told Daisy spent some time with a foster family a little while earlier and had become very close to a little girl over there. This is where Meghan comes in.

Meghan’s mother, Karen Topping, was familiar with foster care and rescue for dogs in need.
In fact, 75 dogs had made their way through the family’s home in the past year alone. Daisy was one of these dogs, but the family built a very special bond with her in particular.


When the Topping family heard Daisy was lost, they drove all the way from Morgan Hill to Hollister to see if they could help get her back home.

Karen and Meghan drove around Hollister and visited her common spots before finding her in a field. Meghan got out of the car and asked her mom to stay back.

SOURCE:KSBW ACTION NEWS 8 / YOUTUBE“She told me. Because you can talk to dogs in your brain. She told me if Mom stayed in the truck she would come to me and I believed it,” Meghan said.

As Meghan got out of the car, Daisy looked at her carefully, but slowly walked closer and closer.
Daisy could tell Meghan was her old friend, and she felt comfortable making her way over to her. Meghan began petting Daisy before putting a leash on her and taking her into their truck.

“I was just thinking whatever was meant to be was meant to be. And that was meant to be,” Meghan said.

Lucky for the family that adopted her, Meghan and her dog whispering abilities allowed her to do what many people could not. For over two months, people in Hollister tried to get their hands on Daisy, but they were never able to.