Soldiers In The Australian Army Sacrifice Their Rest Time To Feed Displaced Koalas

Catastrophic bushfires continue to ravage Australia, destroying millions of acres. Thousands of homes have been destroyed, and animal populations have been decimated as a result of the wildfires.

If there’s a silver lining in all of this mayhem, it’s the number of individuals who are willing to help, from the courageous firemen who are risking their lives to fight the fires to the countless volunteers who are assisting wounded and displaced animals.

Now, these photographs from the Australian Army are bringing smiles to people’s faces, showing troops feeding koalas during their free time.

In Cleland Wildlife Park, men and women in uniform of the 16th Regiment Emergency Support Force are seen feeding some delightful koalas who were displaced when their homes were destroyed by fires.

It is a benevolent gesture, made even more remarkable by the fact that they were in the region at the time, fighting fires in the Adelaide hills.

The images were shared on the 9th Brigade’s Facebook page, with the caption “a wonderful morale boost for our hardworking crew in the Adelaide Hills.”

The koalas were also given climbing mounts by the military.

They aren’t the only Australian Army personnel entrusted with assisting the koalas. Soldiers have been sent to Kangaroo Island in order to assist the injured koalas.

Thank you to these brave men and women for going above and beyond to assist these suffering koalas! We are hoping that Australia will be able to recover from the fires.