Strange Mystery Animal Hanging Out In Driveway Perplexes Dog


When James Clark and his dog, Starbuck, arrived at their buddy Ted’s house, they noticed they weren’t alone. Starbuck got fascinated on the massive beast in the driveway, attempting to determine whether she needed to defend her human from her. Was it a weird dog, or was it something quite different?

Clark, who lives in Alaska, sees these large creatures on a regular basis. He took a shot for fun, but he couldn’t help but giggle when he saw the outcome. The animal in the photo didn’t appear to be the same as the one she was. Everyone else agreed once he uploaded the photo on the internet. He’d taken a snapshot of some type of mystical creature by mistake.

dog and mooseJAMES CLARK

“My favorite replies have come from individuals who describe what they think they saw in the photo (for example, a seal centaur),” Clark told The Dodo.

dog and mooseJAMES CLARK

Of fact, the bizarre animal in the snap is a moose; Clark simply happened to catch her from an unusual perspective as she reached up for a bite.

dog and mooseJAMES CLARK

“I grew up in Anchorage, and moose sightings aren’t uncommon here,” Clark added, “particularly in the winter when they scavenge for sparse food.” “The moose in this photo was nibbling on birch tree buds.”

Starbuck wasn’t a big fan of the moose, even if she was simply minding her own business. She was perplexed as to what her deal was.

“My dog was enraged at what she most likely mistook for a gigantic doggo,” Clark added. “She snarled but didn’t bark,” says the narrator.

The moose eventually went from the driveway into the yard, then into the yards of other nearby neighbors. It was a somewhat boring day for the moose, but Clark came up with a humorous shot that provided enjoyment and delight to a large number of people.