Stray Dog Approaches A Hiker On The Trail And Got Adopted On Sight

A woman named Nikki was out on a hiking trail in the middle of nowhere when a stray dog approached. She couldn’t believe a dog was out here all alone. The pup kept following her around and wouldn’t let her out of his sight. He’d already made up his mind; This was his new mom!

She felt strongly as if this stray chose her, and she couldn’t just leave him behind. They got back to the car and she cried and cried thinking about the connection and bond she’d formed with the dog already. Nikki proceeded to take him to the vet, but there was a wait to make sure an owner didn’t come forward.

After several days of no one claiming the dog, Nikki happily drove the three hours back to go pick up her new dog, Camper!

Source: The Dodo/Facebook

They now go on all kinds of adventures together and truly are perfect for each other!