Stray Dogs Run Up To Every Car In The Parking Lot Asking For Help

Have you ever seen a stray animal on the side of the road and wanted to help it out? Sometimes you might feel helpless because you don’t have the time or the finances to do anything about it. In Brownsville, Texas, a woman decided she wanted to help two dogs who lived in a fast-food parking lot.

Destiny Vasquez filmed the two dogs, who weren’t aggressive at all, on her phone. The eighteen-year-old posted the clip of the affectionate canines on her Facebook page for all to see, and made an appeal to get them help.

Her plan worked, and the dogs spend their time in a foster home while they wait for a family to adopt them.

“They literally begged to be taken but they weren’t. They go up to every car that passes by in hopes to find a home. It’s been weeks. Tonight it will be another night in the parking lot. It will be another night in the streets.

Source: Facebook

These two only have each other and desperately need rescue together! Please help network them for rescue and foster!”

Ms. Vasquez reported her story to The Dodo about the first time she met the dogs. She knew that she had to help them immediately.

Source: Facebook

“I was in the drive-thru, I saw one of the dogs and said, ‘Oh my gosh! This dog has no home. I was crying and crying. I called my mom, and I said, ‘Mom, I have to get this dog.’ I didn’t know there were two dogs at the time.”

The cry for help on social media worked wonders. A volunteer for Animal Aid Brigade named Ana Teran saw the post and wanted to help in whatever way she could. Located as part of the AAB in Houston, Ana had this to say about the situation.

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“As soon as I saw it, I just couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t let it go. I just said, ‘How can I get these dogs? If I have to rent a car, I will, to get them,’” She told The Dodo.

Ana followed through on her plan and drove from Houston all the way to South Texas. It was a long trip, but Ana said it was worth it at the moment when she saw the two helpless dogs.

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“I was so excited to see them! They were just the cutest,” Ana said. “They wanted love so desperately. They were so friendly. They were not fearful or timid. They had big smiles; they were so excited. They had no idea what was going on, but they were so happy.”

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Ana named the two cuties Patty and Pepper. She has been fostering them for a while, getting them all healthy, and spending quality time together. She knows that one day they are going to have to leave, but while they’re hers she tends to keep them as close as possible.

Source: Facebook

Ana commented on the unique relationship by saying:

“They are so bonded, they really stick together. Their demeanor is very sweet. They are always looking at every detail.”