Sweet Old Dog Spent Her Life Chained To A Wall & Was Never Even Given A Name

A dog, now named Maria, spent years chained to a wall outside. The only shelter she had was a dirty shed that was in a yard filled with machinery and tractor wheels.

Thankfully, Viktor Larkhill and his team of rescuers were notified of the situation. When they arrived, it was worse than they expected.

The poor dog was filthy, matted and malnourished. She also had some sort of tumor on her back end that had been left untreated.Her family ignored her for years, and she didn’t even have a name.When she saw rescuers, it looked like a sense of relief overcame her. She was desperate for love and attention that she had been craving for so long.

She reached her paw out and put it in Larkhill’s hand.

They brought her to their vet clinic to be groomed and examined.

They removed the growth and treated her for her ailments.

Today, Maria looks and acts like a brand new dog. She is now healthy and happy and loving her second chance at life.