That’s My Puppy He’s Just Like Me Says A Toddler Born Without Feet Who Receives A Puppy Born Without A Paw


Sapphyre Johnson, a little Tennessee girl who had both of her feet amputated at the age of one, has made a wonderful new buddy in Lt. Dan, a white German Shepherd puppy who is missing a paw.

Sapphyre was born with a congenital abnormality that resulted in her lacking digits and necessitated the amputation of both of her feet.

Doctors at Shriners Hospital For Children in Greenville, South Carolina, conducted numerous procedures on her when she was three months old to fit her with prosthetic feet.

Lt. Dan was adopted by Sapphyre when he was nine weeks old. In a litter of nine puppies, he was the only one born without a front paw.

Lt. Dan’s owner, Karen Riddle, was advised by breeders to put him down due to the puppy’s impairments. She, on the other hand, refused to give up on him and wanted to find him a special needs owner who would be a suitable match for the puppy.

Image:FOX Carolina

Riddle thankfully phoned Shriners Hospital, where she heard about Sapphyre. Lt. Dan would fit in perfectly with Sapphyre, and the two would form an unbreakable friendship. L.t Dan would be an excellent addition to the Johnson family’s home, they agreed.

Image:FOX Carolina

“The first time I showed her a photo of the dog, she stared at it for a few seconds before saying, ‘That’s my pet.’ ‘He’s just like me,’” says the narrator.

Image:FOX Carolina

Elaine Hardin, a child life expert with the Shriners, explained. “He’s a one-of-a-kind dog, and he’s going to a one-of-a-kind kid.”

When they initially met, they instantly became great friends. Sapphyre adored Lieutenant Dan, and the two formed an unbreakable friendship.