The Baby Elephant Is Rescued By A Motorcyclist After Giving Him First Aid

Kindness has no limits. Not only do people seek assistance when they require it, but animals do as well. Kindness, when delivered at the proper time, has the potential to save the lives of these vulnerable creatures. After getting CPR from an off-duty rescue worker, this young elephant regains consciousness.

A motorcycle struck the newborn calf as it crossed a road in the southeastern province of Chanthaburi. It, along with a bewildered and injured motorbike rider a few meters away, appeared to be dead on the ground.

Mana Srivate, a 26-year-old Thai rescue worker, was called into action while on a road trip.

While his colleagues were treating the motorbike rider, Mana delivered CPR to the newborn elephant.

Credits: Reuters

Thankfully, the young and committed man’s efforts to save the girl were successful. The calf regained consciousness and slept for a time before rejoining its mother.

Credits: Reuters

“It’s my nature to preserve lives,” Mana told Reuters, “but I was frightened the entire time since I could hear the mother and other elephants begging for the youngster.”

Credits: Reuters

In his whole professional life, Mana has never saved a newborn elephant. When it came to staring at the animal, though, he knew just what to do. CPR, he believed, was the only way to keep it alive. The baby elephant made it through. It was all worthwhile.

“Based on human thinking and a video clip I viewed online, I imagined where an elephant heart would be positioned,” the guy told Reuters.

Credits: Reuters

After 10 minutes, the young elephant was able to stand up. It was sent to a different location for inspection and treatment by the rescue crew. When the unfortunate animal recovered its strength, it was returned to the area to locate its herd. Fortunately, the mother elephant heard her baby’s cry and returned to hand her off.

Some locals were able to catch Mana’s attempts. When the video was uploaded on the internet, it went viral in an instant. People hailed him as a hero and lavished praise on the young man.