The Dog Who Was Chained Won’t Stop Kissing The Man Who Came To Free Her

Matheus Laiola, a Brazilian agent entrusted with enforcing animal protection regulations, is no stranger to the silent suffering of neglected dogs – pets that, all too frequently, spend the majority of their lives chained up, in violation of municipal bylaws.

Laiola’s work, on the other hand, is far from unappreciated.

Laiola recently released video from the rescue of one such chained dog, which he’d been keeping an eye on for signs of maltreatment.

“She lived in chains, in the cold, heat, rain, and sun,” Laiola wrote of the dog, who was about to have her life turned upside down. “There was no one there when we arrived, so we smashed the lock and freed the dog.”

The dog was overjoyed to see him, and she showered her hero with kisses.

According to Laiola, the dog’s owner has been identified and will be investigated for animal cruelty. Meanwhile, the dog at the core of this case has already found her happily ever after.

The dog was rescued and placed in the care of the Casa do Produtor rescue group. She didn’t stay long, though.

A spokesman for the organization told The Dodo, “She’s already been adopted.” “She’s in good shape.”