The Heroic Dog Saves The Child From The Abuse Of The Nanny

After relocating to Charleston, South Carolina, Hope and Benjamin Jordan seemed to need the services of a nanny for their kid. They eventually found the perfect nanny, Alex Khan, after a lot of searching.

They thought she was ideal, but she wasn’t. She was aggressive, leaving the baby to scream, hitting him, and ignoring him throughout the day.

Fortunately, the family had a dog, Killian, who had seen similar kind of actions and was willing to help his buddy.

When Killian changed his conduct, the family realized what was going on. He grew hostile towards Alexis, which was unusual behavior for a child. They installed a concealed camera to document their dog’s actions.

Killian, of course, was confident in what he was doing. They were amazed by what they saw in the video, she was abusing the child. After watching the video they were scared and surprised at the same time. How could a woman do such a thing, when she too would be a mother. They immediately sent Alexis to jail for child abuse.

She is now permanently banned from dealing with children. Killian was the real hero who saved the young man this time. I’m curious how many children can be affected by this abuser!