The Horse Owner Is Surprised By Two Horses After They Reunited After 4 Years

Humans form lifetime bonds with their companions, but do animals do the same? As this woman was going to rejoin three horses that had been pals since they were foals, she finds out. Nonetheless, she had no idea what was about to happen next!

Shareably claims that “In Mustons Field, England, Sue Blagburn raised three horses. Arthur, Harry, and William, the horses, were great buddies growing up. Sue was compelled to give up Arthur when she changed her job path to horse-aided learning and therapy. While his pals toured across England with Sue, Arthur spent the following four years as a sports horse for high-end private contests and events.”

While Harry and William were residing in Firle, East Sussex, Arthur was far away, living a high-class life. But that was until Sue chose to repurchase her horse one day.

She assumed they’d remember each other when she returned with him. She had no idea, though, how ecstatic they would be when they saw one other again after such a long period. The reunion was quite moving. It was time for a jog after several gentle nudges. Arthur, Harry, and William took off running around the field in long laps.

“I knew they’d remember one other,” Sue said, “but this is so much deeper than I ever imagined imaginable, and… it’s really incredible.”

The woman was astounded that the horses could maintain such a strong friendship after all these years. She explained, “William is pretty domineering.” “No other horse could perform what Arthur is doing,” he says.

It’s amazing to realize that animals have feelings as well!

Adventures with Horses, a non-profit organization that “offers learning and growth via the naturally occurring therapeutic possibilities horses may bring, in order to build potential, self-awareness, and abilities,” has made the horses its star team.