The Loyal Dog Does Not Abandon The Boy Who Has Been Punished By His Parents

There must be an unique relationship between dogs and children, since it’s difficult to imagine a more beautiful pair. And dogs have demonstrated on several instances that when they are with their human partners, they behave as if they are elder, responsible brothers. Nothing, however, better exemplifies a dog’s loyalty than this heartwarming photograph.

Peyton, who is three years old, has had a unique relationship with the family’s four-legged member, Dash, since he was born. They like playing and joking together, but no one would believe they have such a close relationship until the toddler’s mother ordered him to ‘time-out.’

Credits: Jillian Marie Smith

Peyton got into a fight with his five-year-old sister, and their mother felt that he deserved to be punished. As a result, Jillian Marie Smith offered the 3-year-old child two options: go into his room or spend some “time-out.” The little kid chose for the second choice.

Credits: Jillian Marie Smith

Peyton’s best friend, Dash, chose to join him shortly after he started serving his time. The end result was wonderful, and despite the boy’s misbehavior, his mother felt she had to photograph the sweet event.

Credits: Jillian Marie Smith

“I couldn’t stay furious for long because Peyton wrapped his arm around Dash was just too cute,” Jillian told The Dodo.

The picture of the youngster with his beloved dog quickly went popular on social media. In a Facebook post, the lady said, “When you’re in time-out but your closest friend won’t let you serve your punishment alone.”