The Man Who Rescued The Bald Dog Offers Him The Loveliest Look

There are people who are born with the ability to aid animals, and animals appear to be aware of which people possess these abilities since they always receive assistance from the appropriate person.

Calvin Tucker, who lives in Alabama and is enthusiastic about animals, never dreamed when he made his first rescue in 2017 that it would be the start of a wonderful effort.

At the time, he rescued a gray cat that had come to his office seeking assistance.

Despite his dislike of cats, the guy noticed something in him that affected him, and after assisting him, he chose to adopt him.

I was moved by the way he looked at me. So I walked inside the store and got some cookies for him. He was waiting for me at 7 a.m. the next morning when I arrived.

The generous man adopted the cat and called him Henry. This gesture marked the start of his magnificent labor. Calvin has helped over 123 animals in need since then, and he feeds the area’s wild cat colonies on a regular basis.

Animal rescuer Calvin Tucker poses with his cat Henry


Thanks to his instincts, he just made one of his final and most poignant rescues. In September of last year, he was able to save a bald puppy who had been abandoned on the side of the road.

Calvin’s sixth sense for assisting animals was unintentionally triggered when he sensed that someone needed assistance.

On his way home one night, something inside him compelled him to modify his path, and as a result, he was able to save the unfortunate little puppy.

“I was driving home on a Friday night when someone talked to me and instructed me to off the highway around six exits before my house for whatever reason.” Wrinkles greeted me as soon as I off the freeway and turned into the main road. He was standing in the center of the road, terrified, as automobiles went by and honked at him.

Wrinkles the dog as his hair grows backCALVIN TUCKER

Without hesitation, the guy pulled over to the side of the road and attempted to capture the scared dog’s attention with a can of food. He spent around 20 minutes with him and noticed that he had lost most of his fur and was just left with wrinkles.

Wrinkles the dog looks lovingly into his rescuer's eyesCALVIN TUCKER

The unfortunate animal was in bad shape; its physical state was obvious, and it was clear that it need immediate medical assistance. So Calvin took the puppy to a foster home, where he was bathed, and then to the vet the next day.

There, they performed several medical tests in order to diagnose his health problems and choose the best course of action. Despite his issues, the puppy was quite friendly. He had terrible mange, a fever, and parasites, yet he was still very cuddly.

Wrinkles the dog with his foster familyCALVIN TUCKER

“He sat down at the table, and we exchanged glances; all I saw was that he was relieved to be off the streets.” You could sense the gratitude in his eyes for the way he looked at me; he seemed completely at ease.

Wrinkles (wrinkles in Spanish) was the tiny dog’s name, and he had to spend the weekend at the veterinarian facility for medical care.


He was then placed in a foster home, where he would begin the long process of recuperating from his injuries.

“His caretaker stated he was the loveliest dog they’d ever had.” He got along with the other animals right away, running around, playing with them, and having a good time.

Wrinkles the rescue dog with his forever family


Wrinkles’ fur grew back after six months, and his wrinkles were gradually replaced by sleek black fur.