The Owner Shares His Dog Routine With A Homeless Person

To give the best present of all, a warm and loving heart, one doesn’t need much in the way of tangible belongings.

Edna Kobori, Mimi’s owner, resides in Brazil. There, the gentle dog has developed an endearing routine with a guy who, in some views, has little to offer. Mimi is well aware that they are mistaken.

Sebastio is his name. He makes a point of stopping every day to bring Mimi joy.

“A homeless man named Mr. Sebastio can’t walk along my block without chatting to Mimi,” Kobori explained. “She is aware of those who are fond of animals.”

It’s unknown when Mimi and Sebastio’s charming ritual started, but it’s evident that these beautiful little visits are something they both look forward to – presents that cost nothing more than a good gesture.

And if wealth is measured in pets and wagging tails, these two pals may be the wealthiest of all.