The Rescue of a Helpless Senior Dog Abandoned in a Cemetery


Through rescue and education, they work to raise awareness for abandoned animals. They are contributors to the many stories that restore our faith in humanity, just like this one – the rescue story of a 15-year-old dog abandoned in a cemetery late at night.

This was a recent rescue that happened just last month. According to the rescue team, the cases they are dealing with are getting sadder and sadder. They don’t understand why anyone would do this to an old dog who can’t see well, can’t hear well, and has no way to defend herself or survive.

The team of rescuers received a text in the middle of the night about a very old dog abandoned in a cemetery. They headed to the cemetery right away in search of the dog. The location was familiar to them because it was where they rescued another animal in need before.

dog rescue abandoned dog 2

By the time both rescuers arrived, it was already late and the cemetery was closed for the public. They could not possibly wait for the morning to arrive before they could help the poor dog. They had to think fast and figure out a way. So, they went through the tools and supplies that they brought with them and found a rope. There was no other way, they had to sneak in to get through the cement wall and metal fence that was surrounding the area.

dog rescue abandoned dog 1

Despite being scared and hesitant to jump down, Loreta, one of the rescuers, powered through. As she was trying to figure out how to go down safely, Eldad was helping her navigate. Good thing the wall was not too high. After landing safely, Loreta immediately spotted the dog – it was hiding from the many coyotes that surrounded the area.

The rescuers approached the dog with caution, throwing her food to gently convince her that they’re no threat, but a sad realization hit them – the dog was so old that she could not see and find where the food was, even if it was right next to her. The dog was frail and very, very scared.

rescue senior dog 3

It was decided that the only way they could get the dog was to use a gentle snare. The dog wasn’t too resistant, but it showed how confused she was. After successfully getting a hold of the dog, they then proceeded to put a leash around her and call her Cashmere (a name one of their supporters suggested.)

rescue senior dog 4

They gave food to Cashmere and allowed her to eat. While this was happening, they were also thinking of how they could carry her out through the fence they had to climb because it would be quite the struggle.

They were able to carry Cashmere out of the cemetery and into the Hope for Paws rescue vehicle for safety. But there was one thing left to do before they left – help Loreta to get out.

After several, slightly comical attempts, they tried lowering something she could step on. As she was getting out a man offered them help, immediately Eldad explained why they were there to not freak the man out. It was a success! They then proceeded to gather all their equipment and load it into the vehicle. They notified CARES, the animal hospital they’re affiliated with, that they are on their way there.

Upon arriving, the vet checked Cashmere and she confirmed that the senior could still see albeit hazily. That is also when they estimated that she was around 15 years old. Cashmere was then fed and given a bath. She was then brought to Lionel’s Legacy Senior Dog Rescue, they offered to foster her while they waited for someone to adopt her. After several days, she was able to adjust and everyone loves her!

Rescues, although they usually end up in a better place, do not ever deserve to be wandering around helpless. Especially for dogs that are as old as Cashmere. She may not have a long life ahead of her, but she deserves someone who will love her to the end.

They gathered that the senior dog was abandoned because the owners either passed away or that they could no longer provide for the dog. This is a case that happens more often than we’d hope. According to research, about 70% of adults in the U.S do not have a will and as a result, so many animals end up in terrible situations. Hope for Paws offers to help with wills that include the care for pets once the owner has passed on, it can be viewed on their website.

This is just one of the many dog rescue stories that are waiting to be heard and listened to. So many dogs out there are left to their own devices, left to fend for themselves, and if they’re unlucky, they don’t find a new forever home. It’s up to us as responsible dog owners to be able to help prevent such things.