The Retired Man Has Constructed A Dog Train And Leads Around The City Streets

Eugène Bostic after retiring wanted to get well with any activity. He decided that together with his brother, they would build a house for stray dogs.

Eugene decided to construct a shelter for the stray dogs where they could sleep and feed. This house had plenty of room, and food was provided every day for all of the dogs in the street’s yard.

Eugene aided the dogs for several years, feeding them, making the house more comfortable, and accompanying sick canines to the veterinarian with his brother.

Eugene converted the plastic containers into passenger dog cars that were attached to the tractor one following the other.

Credits: pause-es

Eugene trained dogs to wander the streets for a while on this homemade train, and they formed a habit.

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When a man gets on a tractor and walks out into the yard, all of the dogs know they’re going for a stroll.

Credits: pause-es

Eugene told his experience and said that all of his dogs like walking across the city on such a structure.