The Ultimate Maternity Shoot For A Pregnant Rescue Dog


Ryan Fant was walking through a park in Little Rock, Arkansas, when he came upon a lovely golden retriever running around without a collar. He walked over to the dog and began playing with her. Fant decided to take in the lost puppy and call her Lily Mae when she continued following him home.

After a month of unsuccessful looking for her owner, Fant decided to adopt Lily as a permanent member of his household. He quickly observed, though, that the once-skinny dog’s tummy was expanding… and expanding.

After a vet verified Lily Mae’s pregnancy, Fant sought assistance from his friend Caitie Evers. Evers was the ideal person to assist Lily get through this tough period, since she had years of experience fostering new dog moms and their pups.

Pregnant rescue dog gets maternity photo shoot


Evers was shocked that her big tummy didn’t appear to slow her down at all until Lily arrived. Evers told The Dodo, “She acts absolutely natural and makes me anxious with her running and jumping.” “She’s a real darling,” says the narrator. She’s a stage five clinger who insists on being in my lap at all times.”

Lily Mae the pregnant rescue golden retriever


With Lily’s due date only a few days away, Evers wanted to publicize her puppies. What better way to tell the news than with a cute pregnancy photo shoot?

Pregnant dog gets maternity photoshoot


“I’ve fostered a lot of pregnant dogs and new mom dogs, and I’ve always wanted to conduct a photo shoot for them to raise awareness for the world’s foster and rescue dogs,” Evers said. “When people learn she’s a rescue dog, they’re blown away. I believe it is critical to get the word out that you can genuinely find every single sort of dog in rescue.”

Rescue dog gets pregnancy photoshoot


Shauna Kiely, a photographer acquaintance and fellow rescuer, was called and the picture session was scheduled for the next day. Lily was overjoyed at the prospect of being the focus of attention and receiving special hugs from Evers.

“Lily Mae was destined to be a model,” Evers explained. “She really liked it, and it only took around 30 minutes!”

Dog maternity photo shoot puppies


Lily went into labor two days later and gave birth to eight lovely puppies. Mama, the seven boys and one girl, and their foster mother are all happy and healthy, due to the compassionate rescuer who rescued them from the streets.


“At about a pound apiece, they’re hefty infants,” Evers added. “They are doing extremely well and are both healthy and active. Mom loves and cuddles them, but she also trusts me to look after them all. She lets me change their bedding, but if I take too long, she’ll start rearranging it herself.”

The kids will be offered for adoption through the Houston-based rescue Chip N Snip once they have been weaned, and Lily Mae will return to Arkansas to live with her father. But, for the time being, Lily Mae is just concerned with becoming the greatest mother she can be.