They Just Rescued These Two Stray Dogs, And They Never Stop Hugging Each Other

These two gorgeous puppies, who were rescued recently and can not stop loving each other, have gone viral on social media by surprise. The dogs appear to have been adopted by the Vietnamese who discovered them walking the streets of Ho Chi Minh City and are now residing with Buddhists in the temple.

Social media users are asking questions and expressing great concern about how previous owners could have let them starve to death.

One can not help but wonder what happened on the street before they were taken to the temple that made them look so terrified and weak. Fortunately, they are both now in good care.

Credits: fascinatingthings

They are adapting to their new environment and are even trying to learn meditation from nuns. Just look at that Zen pose! Everything will be fine.

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However, one thing thing is for sure: they are happy to still have each other in their forever home.

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These two stray dogs had each other when they were in trouble, wandering in the streets of Ho Chi Minh.

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They are safe now, but they still won’t let go each other.

Those nights in the cold streets are over.

Credits: fascinatingthings

They now have a house and have made it through the ordeal together.

Because he knows that now he has someone to hold his paw, too.