Thieves Attempt To Take Horses For Slaughter Not Expecting Two Rottweilers To Stop Them


Thanks to two protecting Rottweilers, many horses are sleeping peacefully, nibbling away on the grass of their owner’s pasture as if it were any other day.
Brena Kramer, a Florida housewife, was jolted awake in the early hours of a Sunday morning earlier this month.

She was startled awake by the jarring sound of her rottweilers barking and snarling angrily, and she ran out to the barn where the disturbance was coming from.

Brena was astounded to discover that someone had made a daring attempt to take her horses in order to butcher them for their flesh.

Brena resides in the far reaches of Pasco County’s Zephyrhills. She believes her horses were targeted by three would-be slaughterers because of their calm setting. The burglars gained access to the barn via a low side gate.

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When Brena went to investigate why her Rottweilers were barking, she discovered that the horse barn’s power had been switched out as well.

When Brena was able to have a better look at her horses, the proof was there to back up her fears.

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The Rottweilers had thwarted the intruders right in the middle of their task, since one of her horses still had a rope tied around its neck. As Brena examined the horses more, she discovered evidence of struggle such as little scratches and abrasions, as well as rope burn on their lovely faces from pulling against the invaders.

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There’s little question this story would have ended much more tragically if Brena’s protection Rottweilers hadn’t patrolled the farm and fought off the horse thieves.

The Rottweilers weren’t completely untouched in their brawl, though.
Dallas, Brena’s 3-year-old Rottie, was discovered with two puncture wounds right above his left eye. His mother believes he suffered wounds while fending off the attackers.

These two Rottweilers are definitely heroes, both for the horses and for Brena.
Brena is counting her blessings after a rash of somewhat high-profile horse slaughters rocked Florida in numerous counties over the last several months.

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“It’s really frequent in the south.” It’s something that most horse owners, especially in Florida, are aware of. This is a black market situation. “How much it sells for every pound depends on where you go and who you know,” she tells Fox13 News.

Unfortunately, horse meat sells for a high price on the illegal market, which authorities suspect is the motivation for the attacks.

While Brena was lucky to have her trusty Rottweilers on hand to ward off the invaders, others were not so fortunate.

People have awoken to discover their horses gone or worse; bled dead and partially slaughtered for their “chosen” portions of meat in multiple incidents across Sumter and Manatee counties.

After finding her missing horse had been murdered in the woods not far from her house in Bushnell, FL, Tammy Weaver says, “They’re stealing somebody’s kid, they’re taking somebody’s close personal pet.”

Pasco County local Police are looking into the incident but, unfortunately, don’t have enough evidence to connect the string of horse murders to each other yet.
In the meantime, they are urging all horse owners in the surrounding area to be on high alert. Horse owners should consider making sure all of the entry points to their property are secure, installing motion-sensor floodlighting in key areas, and to definitely listen to their dogs if they’ve got them.