This Bear Enjoys A Shower After 25 Years In The Circus

Circuses are unsuitable for a variety of reasons. Poor wild animals who are supposed to be able to roam freely in the wild are compelled to perform stunts for the entertainment of humans. Toshka had also gone through a traumatic incident. This bear was a member of a circus for nearly 25 years.

Toshka was liberated after a lifetime in captivity, and the way he takes advantage of the situation is simply sweet!

The bear was transferred to a sanctuary in Satanov, Ukraine, shortly after his rescue – a wonderful spot where he would finally be able to live quietly for the rest of his life.

Toshka seemed to be having a great time with her life. Nonetheless, things were not always like this. The poor bear was so terrified when he first arrived at the refuge that he hid all day.


It took some time for Toshka to grasp that all that around him now only had good intentions, but once he did, he revealed who he truly is: a nice, compassionate giant. “Toshka was terrified of humans; he didn’t leave the bushes for two weeks,” a sanctuary volunteer explained. “He was a circus bear for much of his life, but now he’s here for rehabilitation and life support.”

Toshka can’t get enough of the bright days and the extras he’s been given. In recent film, he can be seen taking a refreshing shower in the sun. With recent temperatures in Ukraine exceeding 95 degrees, it’s easy to see why Toshka is having so much fun.

Another member of the staff stated, “Care and attention warmed his heart.” “These days, his favorite pleasure is taking a shower in the sun.” He sits down and prepares to sit for several hours.”