This Blind & Deaf Dog Sensed Her Dad Coming Home And Their Heartwarming Reunion Has The Internet In Tears

Everyone loves dogs, but too often unloved dogs end up on the streets or in shelters. Many are adopted quickly, especially if they are friendly and adorable.

Some unlucky dogs are stuck in a cell for months because they have been treated poorly in the past. Some dogs start acting out and might even be the reason why they were abandoned in the first place.

Sometimes dogs are simply too much for their owners to handle.Unfortunately, older dogs rarely get adopted because they require a lot of care. They might need expensive medications and may be disabled in some way.Some are blind or deaf, making it more difficult to get adopted.

Opal was 8-months old when she went to the shelter and she had several strikes against her. She is blind as well as deaf. Just because she is an adorable puppy didn’t help her get adopted when people found out she was disabled.

Luckily, Christine and Forrest Bray could see that this pup was something special. The Double Merle might have been born blind and deaf because of her breed. The genetics of this Double Merle make them more likely to be blind and deaf.

Though she was born without those two senses, she has an incredible sense of smell.

When her Dog Daddy came home, she could smell him around the corner, even before he pulls into the driveway.

Like many beloved pooches, Opal has her own Instagram account. Christine Bray keeps Opal’s fans updated with Instagram photos and accounts of her day. Sometimes she will describe how Opal waits for her dad.

She can tell the difference between his car and the neighbors. When she smells him, she starts getting wild with excitement.

The moment has quickly become a favorite with the family and has been integrated into their daily routine.

Opal will sniff the air and start wagging her tail and she knows her daddy is on the way! She recognizes the scent and goes into action.

Even if Forrest has only been gone for a couple of hours, Opal gets incredibly excited. She loves when she knows he is only a few feet away!