This Man’s Playground Is Frequently Visited By A Cute Small Fox Family


Shawn Davis’ Illinois garden began receiving some delightfully unexpected guests a few months ago.It was a family of foxes from the neighborhood, and they rapidly settled in.Davis noticed a couple of young foxes hanging around near his patio one day in May, and it all started from there. That initial meeting had taken me by surprise.

Davis told The Dodo, “We had never really seen a fox kit before and were pretty startled they were in our yard, given that we live in the center of a residential area.”The newborn foxes seemed to like that initial visit, and they told the rest of their family about it.“We started seeing a lot more foxes after that,” Davis added.

The visits became routine after a while.

Image credits: Shawn Davis

The fox family consists of a mother, father, and five children. They began to visit almost every day to rest, relax, and, of course, play.

Image credits: Shawn Davis

“Our yard is very private and I think they just felt safe there,” Davis said. “During the day, they’d cuddle up and sleep under the trees, then frolic in the morning and at twilight.”

Image credits: Shawn Davis

Davis and his family were so enthralled by the foxes that he decided to start recording them so that others may enjoy them as well.

“Since the epidemic has kept us indoors, it’s been the highlight of mine, my wife’s, and our daughter’s day,” Davis added.

He added, “I didn’t realize they were that playful.” “They were adorable tiny creatures.”

The visits have gotten less regular as the young foxes have become more independent. But, maybe, they’ll establish new families in the future, possibly remembering Davis’ yard as a quiet spot for their future children to snooze and play.