This Puppy Is In The Process Of Becoming A Police Dog


If we could go back in time and show our forefathers what we’ve done with the historic link between dogs and humans, they’d probably have a lot of questions. On one hand, they would undoubtedly think it fantastic that we have welcomed them into our homes and that we treat them in the same manner as the rest of our family.

They may, on the other hand, have reservations about the caps, jackets, and carriers that we routinely transport them in.

What they would undoubtedly admire is the way we accept and utilise their powers that go beyond those of humans to shape our society.

The security services and other local authorities place a great priority on their sense of smell and hearing. Their loyalty makes them ideal friends for those who have to deal with hazardous and aggressive persons on a regular basis.

Photo credit: kolmkaru

A bold German Shepherd or a powerful Doberman is most likely the picture we have of one of these canines. What about a lovely dog that is only a few months old?

Photo credit: kolmkaru

Säm is his canine police school’s most active and lively puppy. The puppy is currently residing in Estonia, where he has been allocated a guardian. The puppy’s training will be overseen by Kristi Pai. Just by glancing at the photographs, we can see that this will be a difficult task. That dog has the ability to melt the hearts of everybody who is placed in front of him.

Photo credit: kolmkaru

His training will include everything from detecting illegal drugs to safeguarding his human partners, as well as assault methods and eliminating suspects, though we hope he never has to use them.

Although the fact is that if Säm retains half of his traits as an adult dog, we are confident that any thief or trafficker will be readily seduced by his charms. And if he doesn’t, showing them photographs or videos of his training will suffice. Kindness is far more powerful than intimidation or violence.