Three Blind Cats Got The Help They Needed From Two Pit Bulls

Many of us do not understand animals in their present state. But they have love and care when needed for each other but also for people. Three cats with various eye problems were sent to a rescue organization called the Loyal Friends Society in Delaware. They had so many issues as a result that the best option for all three of them was eye removal.

Helen, the oldest, had glaucoma, while Bruce and Willis, the two younger siblings, had serious infections. Unfortunately, none of the three cats were adapting to the loss of their sight after the procedures, and they were all in misery.

As a result, a rescue group volunteer stepped in.

Credits: Helen and Frankie

Sherry Stewart has volunteered at the shelter for three years and has fostered more than 60 dogs and 22 cats. She appeared to be a feasible alternative for the blind cats’ rehabilitation.

However, Stewart was not the one who made the selection of cats. This was made possible by a couple of pit bulls who felt the cats needed healing and provided them.

Credits: Helen and Frankie

Alfie – the gray one – was found imprisoned and nearly starved to death in 2012. He was on the verge of murder due to his health, but Sherry chose to take him and care for him. He even worked as a pet therapy dog at the children’s hospital. Frankie, the white one, is another savior who suffered from a bad case of scabies. Both pit dogs had received the love and care that cats now need. And they automatically gave it to them.

Credits: Helen and Frankie

Helen has made the best transition to blindness, thanks not only to the pit bulls but also to another foster cat called Hudbell who was living with Sherry.

Credits: Helen and Frankie

It’s incredible how animals can feel when someone requires assistance and then just offer it. The three cats are still looking for their final homes, however Bruce and Willis must be adopted together due to their more complicated adoption procedure.

However we hope that the three beautiful cats can soon find shelter and love from any family.