Three Teenagers, Aged 13, Rescue Motionless Dog They Found on the Side of the Road

As a teenager, life is all about hanging out with your friends and finding fun adventures to go on. If we’re talking pre-license teen boys, you can almost guarantee bikes will be involved. These three teenagers proved their solid character when they found a dog in need and immediately helped him.

Three teenage friends in Acadia Parish, Louisiana, rescued a dog in need and are going viral for it
Wade, Tyler, and Brayden are 13-years-old and were doing what most kids do, riding around on their bikes aimlessly looking for something to do. When they noticed a dog in the grass, they didn’t think too much about it until they got a closer look.

Upon closer examination, it was obvious that the dog was in bad condition. He was completely motionless, only moving his eyes back and forth to look at them. That’s how they knew he was still alive, so the young men sprung into action and made a call for help.

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The boys’ called Haseya’s New Beginning Animal Rescue, pledging to stay by the dog’s side until they arrived
The three boys vowed to stay with the poor dog until help arrived, showing the huge hearts that they all have in the process. Not only did they want to comfort the pooch, but they also noticed how close to the side of the road he was and wanted to protect him.

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The kids devised a brilliant plan. They decided to protect him by shielding him from the cars and using something that would also give the cars the signal that something was wrong.

That’s when the teens flipped their bikes upside down, using them as cones around the injured dog

Once they had their barriers up, Haseya’s New Beginning Animal Rescue showed up and the rescuer parked her car as another barricade of protection from passing cars. Volunteer, Katie Leblanc, was shocked when she saw the condition the dog was in.

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“If they wouldn’t have shown up, he probably wouldn’t have made it. It’s so crazy because they could’ve not been riding on that part of the road.” Katie told KLFY News 10 in a Facetime interview.

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The dog appeared to have been struck by a car, but the boys found him before it was too late

Staff from Haseya’s New Beginning Rescue teamed up to lift the suffering dog into their car, they rushed him back to the shelter to begin medical treatment. One of the boys, Wade, told the news:

“It made me feel happy because I knew that we saved the dog,” said Wade. “Because we gave the dog a second chance that he possibly could’ve never had.”

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