Tip Leads Authorities To 45 Dogs & Cats Found Living In Raw Sewage

Animals can’t speak for themselves, so they depend on humans to be their voice in times of trouble. Thanks to a concerned citizen near Ann Arbor, Michigan, 31 dogs and 14 cats were seized from a horrific environment. When investigators arrived on the scene of the home, two dogs were dead and many of the other 43 animals were living in raw sewage and excrement.

“Some of the animals were fearful and underweight, and several were in need of emergency medical care,” according to a press release from the Humane Society of Huron Valley (HSHV). “They were immediately transported to HSHV for treatment.”

At this stage, none of the animals are available for adoption as they are undergoing evaluation and medical treatment.

When they recover, HSHV plans to find them loving homes. Tanya Hilgendorf, HSHV’s CEO is thankful to the community members who saw animals in dire straits and “spoke out on their behalf.” Right now, possible charges are pending against the animals’ former owner as the investigation continues.

“When it comes to animal cruelty and hoarding, folks often think that ‘this doesn’t happen here.’ But it does, and only by bringing it to light can we intervene, help, and prevent it from happening again,” Hilgendorf shared. “It’s also important to remember when animals are in danger, there are often vulnerable humans in danger as well. We need to look out for each other.”