To Solicit For Affection A Lion Gets Into A Safari Truck Packed Of Humans


Regardless matter how much you adore huge wild cats, they are incredibly deadly animals, and going too near to them is not a good idea. However, after seeing this loving lion leap into a car packed of visitors, you might simply forget about it.

It happened during a safari at the Taigan Safari Park in Vilnohirsk, Crimea, when one of the lions wanted to show everyone that he’s nothing more than a massive gentle giant. So when Filya, the lion, saw a car full of people, he just stepped on. The enormous cat exhibited no symptoms of violence, and he even began to lick many of the tourists, demonstrating his appreciation for them.

Credit: Taigan Safari Park in Vilnohirsk

Everyone on board appeared quite comfortable in Filya’s presence as he begged for belly rubs and cuddling.

Credit: Taigan Safari Park in Vilnohirsk

Some individuals even took pictures with the cute kitten. This wildlife park is notable for allowing its animals to have close contact with tourists, which is a disconcerting sight at first.

Even said, you should be aware that lions, like all wild creatures, are unpredictable, and caressing them may be as scary as it sounds, so be cautious the next time you approach one.