Veteran Has Moving Reunion With Retired Military Dog Who Served With Him In Combat

Molli Oliver is a veteran flight attendant with United Airlines. Her true passion, however, is reuniting armed forces veterans with retired service dogs with whom they served overseas.

In 2016, NBC News profiled Oliver as she helped reunite Taytay, a yellow lab who served overseas alongside soldiers, and her old friend, Sergeant Tom Hansen.

The love these dogs and soldiers possess for each other is immeasurable, and Molli feels it is only right to give them an opportunity to live out their lives together in a post-combat environment.

The dog that is the focus of the current reunion goes by the name of Taylor or Taytay.

The Labrador retriever spent the majority of her life serving in Afghanistan and saved the lives of many U.S. soldiers by sniffing out bombs. She was so good at her job that the Taliban even had a bounty on her head, according to NBC.

Molli secured a first class ticket for Taylor and she was flown to Boise, Idaho. There, Seargent Hanson waited anxiously for Taylor’s arrival.

“It’s like a part of me has been missing and getting her back right now will make me whole again,” Hanson told NBC

Taylor made eye contact with Seargent Taylor a few moments after she exited the plane. The reunion will touch the heart of even the most cynical of viewers. It is great to know that Seargent Hanson and Taylor will get to live out their days as a family.