Watch As This Rescued Newborn Puppy Morphs Into A Fierce Little Dude


When this tiny puppy, that didn’t even look like a dog, arrived at his new home, he was basically helpless. He even had to be nursed like an infant but soon enough, he showed his fierce albeit tiny side.

Lucky was 3 days old when he arrived at his new home. He was covered in fleas and ticks. To top it all off, the helpless puppy had a terrible eye infection. At the time, he was so small, a fingertip was big enough to rub his whole itty belly.


Despite the odds, Lucky began to get stronger with the constant love and care he was given by Claney. Each day, he also grew a little bigger. He soon started to look like a puppy. Soon, he finally got big enough to stand up on his teeny, spindly legs.


When Lucky finally opened his eyes for the first time, Claney’s little brother, Bobby, was holding him. Bobby was over the moon that the fragile puppy made it to this huge breakthrough. It only got better from there and the puppy began to get stronger….so much stronger.

From that moment on, they knew the little pup was going to make it. Each day it seemed he reached a new milestone and that’s when his personality really began to shine. Until then, they had no idea the tiny pup nugget would become so bold.

The hilarious itty-bitty began to walk the house. And, that’s when he found his growl. It seemed like overnight he morphed into a fierce little dude ready to take on life in a big way, even if that meant attacking the furniture with tiny teeth.

Truth is, Lucky would need this boldness to get through a hurdle life was about to throw his way. After a vet visit, it was discovered Lucky was an albino and would have to lose one of his eyes. However, even surgery didn’t slow down the tiny but mighty dog.

Lucky bounced back from his surgery and never looked back. Despite the odds against him, he’s now a little fierce white floofer that loves his besty, Bobby. According to mom, Lucky has taught her not to take anything for granted and to enjoy life.