When A Dog That Was Raised Around Cats Is Petted He Purrs


Meet Winston, a loving puppy that craves nothing more than his family’s undivided attention. And it’s obvious.But possibly not in the way you imagine.Winston has been surrounded by cats since he was adopted as a puppy into Beth Clark’s home. Winston learned a lot about cats from the Clarks since they rescue and foster animals.

Clark told The Dodo, “He joined six cats.” “They were all so lovingly connected together.”But Winston was inspired in an unexpected way by his time spent with cats.Clark observed Winston make an unusual sound when she caressed him when he was approximately 4 months old.

“I was taken away at first,” Clark remarked. “However, I soon realized that what he was doing was a vocal display of satisfaction that he had picked up from his brothers!”


Winston’s purring may be strange — he is, after all, a dog — but it is nonetheless music to his mother’s ears. She’s just relieved that he’s content.

His feline siblings would undoubtedly agree.

“It demonstrates that the ability to communicate love and affection transcends even the most evident distinctions between species!” Clark remarked.