When A Girl Meets The Dog She Believed Was Gone Forever She Can’t Stop Crying

Fergus and his owners were stopped at a stoplight on Saturday evening when their lives were turned upside down by a vehicle that rear-ended them.

Fergus, a 200-pound Irish wolfhound, was thrown from the backseat as a vehicle ploughed into them at 50 kilometres per hour. The dog sprang up, stunned, and began hobbling away.

“Within seconds, my father had jumped out of the car and was looking for him, but he had vanished, “Fergus’ sister, Meredith McKay Luckett, told The Dodo. “As you can expect, he was terrified, so he simply bolted.”

Luckett and her family quickly informed the community of Fergus’ absence, and within minutes, hundreds of people from throughout Nashville had gathered to assist in the search for the enormous dog.

“Within 30 minutes after the collision, individuals were scouring the whole region to assist us in our search for Fergus,” Luckett said. “We had rescuers on the scene with food stations set up, and we were doing all we could to follow leads,” she says.


The days passed with no sign of Fergus, but the community did not lose up hope. “Cars were traveling with their flashers on and moving slow within two miles of the accident site at any given point,” Luckett noted. “It was fantastic.”


Luckett received a call on Wednesday morning, just as hope was fading. “I was still sleeping when my phone rang and they said, ‘We have your dog,’” Luckett explained.

Woman reunites with dog after car crash


Luckett was overjoyed to learn that her family’s devoted dog was finally safe. Luckett described him as a “gentle giant.” “He’s a diva who prefers to stay indoors, which is one of the reasons we were so terrified of him being outside.” Definitely a well-cared-for pet.”

Fergus’ mother was already there when Luckett arrived at the residence, which was barely a half-mile from the accident site.

Woman cries when reunited with lost dogFACEBOOK/REBECCA NORRIS DINAPOLI

Luckett ran over to hug her mother and burst into tears as she met Fergus for the first time. Fergus jumped in as well, nestling onto her shoulder and screaming loudly in response.

Fergus was transported to the veterinarian for treatment of the cuts he sustained in the accident. “It’ll be a long journey for him,” Luckett said. “Right now, we’re just concentrating on getting him better.”

But, for the time being, he’s relaxing at home with his family, who are overjoyed to have him back.

“I thought he was spoilt before all of this, but now he’s being treated like a king,” Luckett continued. “People have been requesting to give him gifts, and he’s received a few new toys as well as some goodies as a result of this.” We’re just making sure he’s comfortable while he’s living the dream.”