When A Little Boy Contracts The Flu He Refuses To Be Consoled By Anybody Except His Rescue Dog

After being pushed out of a moving automobile, Riddick was rescued by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC in 2015. He was placed up for adoption after some time to recuperate, and it wasn’t long before Bryan Junior and his wife saw his photo on Facebook and fell in love. In August of that year, they adopted him, and he quickly became an integral part of their little family.

Riddick’s parents had a baby boy about a year after he was adopted, and Riddick and the family’s other pit bull, Cambria, were completely enamored with him from the time he got home.

Junior told The Dodo, “We’d name them the paw patrol.” “If the baby screamed, the two of them would rush inside to see what was wrong.

‘Baby Dawson is awake,’ we’d shout every time he awoke from a sleep, and they’d rush in. They are still with us every night when we read him a bedtime story, Cambria on my lap and Riddick on the floor. We put Dawson to bed after he kisses them both good night.”


Dawson is equally as devoted to his pit bull siblings, climbing all over them, cuddling with them, and helping to feed them whenever he can.

Dawson just had the flu for the first time, and it was the first time he had ever been very ill. He had a fever and was basically unhappy, and he didn’t want anything to do with anyone or anything but Riddick.


Junior explained, “He went up onto the ottoman with Riddick and was just holding him.” “You could tell Riddick was aware that he wasn’t feeling well because he sat next to him.” He [Dawson] tossed and turned for a while before passing out cold for almost an hour. Riddick remained still.”

When Dawson was cranky and flu-ridden, Riddick was the only one who could console him, and Riddick was more than delighted to help. Riddick is always there for Dawson, and their parents enjoy witnessing how caring and protective he is with his little brother.


“Riddick is the calmest, most well-behaved dog you could ask for,” Junior explained. “He’s just nice, compassionate, and accepting of anybody and everything.” Riddick is well-liked by everybody. He’s just the puppy you’ve always wanted.”


Dawson was feeling much better and was back to usual a few days later, roaming around around and inside with his two favorite dogs. Riddick, on the other hand, will always be there for him, looking after him and loving him like only a dog brother can.