When A Sick Bear Cub Is Abandoned His Her Family A Police Officer Puts His Life On The Line To Save Him

When you encounter a mother bear with her cubs, the best thing you can do is stay away from them. When he observed one of the cubs in serious distress, however, this police officer decided to put his life on the line. The kind man saved the young bear’s life in the end!

Thomas Owens is a State Trooper with the Town of Carroll Police Department, thus he has seen a lot of bears in his time as a New Hampshire police. Nearly 5,000 bears live in the New England state. As a result, he always knew what to do when he came across these ferocious beasts.

He was everything but careful when he saw a mother grizzly and her cubs attempting to cross a road. The purpose, though, was noble: to save the life of one of the cubs.

Credit: Facebook/Town of Carroll Police Department

Officer Owens was on duty when the bear family was sighted. So he came to a halt and waited for them to pass, but the mother and three cubs kept returning and crossing again for some reason. He quickly figured out why: another cub, the fourth, couldn’t keep up with his family. It was at this point that he sensed something was awry. However, the mother bear and her three healthy cubs made a hasty decision before the officer could act. They got lost in the bushes and left the cub behind.

What’s in the Middle of the Road?

Credit: Facebook/Town of Carroll Police Department

Officer Owens got out of his car and approached the poor small animal, determined to save him no matter what the cost, but not before phoning the New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife for assistance.

A Rare Occurrence

Credit: Facebook/Town of Carroll Police Department

The courteous officer was well aware of the risk, since the mother may have returned at any time and would not have been pleased to find a human near her child. Officer Owens, on the other hand, accepted the wager.

Crossing the Street

Credit: Facebook/Town of Carroll Police Department

It didn’t take long for assistance to arrive. Surprisingly, the Fish and Wildlife rescue team spotted a fifth youngster, who was equally unwell, not far away. Both cubs have been sent to a rehabilitation facility.

Keeping the Cubs Together

Credit: Facebook/Town of Carroll Police Department

Officer Owens joined them as well, and he even took a selfie with the cub he was responsible for. The two siblings will continue in treatment until they are able to return to the wild and rejoin with their family.