When His Father Tries To Take A Picture The Stubborn Dog Turns To Jell-O

You may make a face, hide the lens, or, if you’re a dog named Sparky, simply melt to avoid taking a shot.

When the rescue dog has had enough of posing for the camera, he becomes boneless. It’s a highly effective technique that’s also rather bizarre to observe.

“When I take photographs with him, he has a certain tolerance, and once he’s reached that point, he simply flops down — it’s almost like he’s throwing a tantrum,” Sparky’s father, Kennedy Simmons, told The Dodo. “He goes limp, and every now and again, he’ll give me the meanest look, as if to say, ‘Are we done yet?’”

Simmons works as a veterinary assistant and is renowned for taking in pets with unique needs. After the young Italian greyhound’s family abandoned him to the veterinarian office, he adopted him.


“They were a great family, but he had to get surgery, and they were so afraid to let him do anything after he broke his leg,” Simmons told The Dodo. “They genuinely wanted him to have a good puppyhood with someone who wouldn’t be afraid to let him do anything anymore.”

Since the operation, where the pup had to get his leg removed, Sparky’s refused to let missing a leg slow him down.

Dog melts when his dad tries to take a picture with himKENNEDY SIMMONS

“From the beginning, he’s been out of control,” Simmons remarked. “If you don’t keep an eye on Sparky, he’ll get himself into trouble.” He’s either taking a bit of food off the table or grabbing a sock from the hamper if he’s out of your sight.”

And though Sparky’s only 11 pounds, when it comes to other dogs, he’s fearless. “He’s friends with the little dogs, he’s friends with the giant dogs,” Simmons said. “He’s so obnoxious with other dogs — he bites their tails and ears. But every dog ends up loving him and is just so tolerant of him. He’s never been told ‘no’ by any dog.”


The only thing Sparky doesn’t like is sitting still for a photo shoot, leaving Simmons’ phone full of the hilarious results.


Even if he can’t capture Sparky’s love on camera, there’s no one Simmons would rather come home to after a hard day.

“I’ve had several other dogs who were special needs, and he’s just got something so special. He’s just a little ray of sunshine when you get home,” Simmons said. “His name is so fitting — he’s got a spark in his eye, and he brings so much joy to everyone because he’s really not afraid of anything.”