Woman And Her Dog Are On A Walk When They Come Across A Sign Asking For Help

A woman named Ava was out on a walk with her dog, Dilbert, when they came across a sign on the side of the road asking for some assistance. It read, “Boone is looking for his 8″ Blue Ball.” Apparently this good boy had lost one of his favorite toys out here and was seeking any information.

Feeling up to pulling off a random act of kindness, Ava and Dilbert began the search!

Dilbert led the way with his super-smeller of a nose while keeping his eyes peeled and taking to the tall grass. They weren’t having any luck, so they took a break for snacks. Then it was time to keep looking! Maybe the ball ended up in the lake? Dilbert went in for a swim!

They looked and looked all over but just could not find Boone’s ball.

So they did the next best thing: ordered him a brand new one! Ava and Dilbert bought a ball just like the one Boone lost and wrapped it up for delivery.

Source: The Dodo/Facebook

They dropped the gift off in the driveway of Boone’s house. And it was later on another walk that they’d come across a different sign. This time it read, “Boone says Thank You,” above a picture of Boone smiling with his brand new blue ball! How amazing is this?