Woman Finds Stray Dog Keeping Newborn Baby Warm

Dog rescue stories are some of the most inspiring in the world. Dogs are without a doubt some of the most remarkable creatures on the world, whether it’s a story about them walking ceaselessly into the wilderness to guard a little, wandering child or giving themselves for others.

This is a story about a sweet stray dog named Way who went above and beyond to protect an abandoned baby.

Way is a stray dog from Buenos Aires, Argentina, yet despite her rough existence on the streets, she has one of the most sensitive hearts.

Way was never spayed due to her status as a stray dog.

Source: Youtube screenshot/The Animal Club

She’d given birth to a big litter of puppies, and finding a method to feed and keep them warm was going to be a challenge. The poor girl was already struggling to get by most days, let alone caring for her newborn puppies.

Source: Youtube screenshot/The Animal Club

Way would have to comb around the city streets looking for any food leftovers to feed her litter of puppies. The fact that it was the middle of July, the middle of Buenos Aires’ winter season, further added to the difficulty. She’d have to locate food quickly and return to her babies before the temps dropped.

Way came upon a surprising, heartbreaking image while exploring the streets for food: an abandoned newborn infant.

The stray dog’s mother instincts kicked in right away, and she sprung into action to save the orphaned child. Way raced to her brood of warm-bodied puppies, bringing each one back to the alley where she discovered the kid one by one. She put them around the newborn infant with great care, spreading out their available warmth. The beautiful mom dog coiled her entire body around the cuddle-puddle she had formed with the newborn infant and her pups after she had placed the last of her babies down.

Alejandria Griffin awakened early the next morning in her adjoining flat to the faint sound of sobbing outside. Something made her feel compelled to investigate. What she saw astounded her totally.

Griffin stepped outside to see a shivering, starving stray dog wrapping herself around a newborn infant beneath a blanket of pups. Way looked after the small person as if she were one of her puppies.

The infant had clearly been abandoned. Griffin called the cops right away to report the incident. They rushed the youngster to the emergency department, not knowing how long he had been without care.