Woman gives shivering dog the coat off her back, unaware her kind actions were being captured

We love our doggos and we like to take them with us everywhere we go whenever we can. It doesn’t only make us happy and them, too, but it’s also good for them to get out and get the exercise. The only rub of the situation is the weather. Whether it’s too hot or too cold, there are temperature extremes that you’ve gotta be hyperaware of when you’ve got a fur baby in tow.

Most of the time there is nothing to worry about, but every now and again you can come across a predicament when out with your doggo, as this woman did.A woman named Kristina Hollie was waiting in Harvard Square for a bus with her coworker when she noticed a sweet dog happily trotting alongside its mom.

When the dog mom had to stop off at the post office, though, she ran into a predicament. The sign on the door clearly said that only service dogs were allowed in the store.

Source: Kristina Hollie/The Dodo

The woman’s dog clearly didn’t fit that description. Or, at least there was no vest indicating that the dog was a service dog. Seeing there was no help for it, the anonymous dog-mom quickly tied her pupper’s lead to a tree located in front of the post office building.

Apparently, the dog’s human saw her pup shivering too. What she did next won over not just Kristina’s admiration, but thousands of internet users as well.

Source: Kristina Hollie/The Dodo

“It was very cold and windy out. I noticed that he was visibly shaking. She obviously noticed too because she immediately took off her jacket and covered the dog as he sat,” Kristina recalled in an interview with The Dodo.

The gesture from the dog’s human was clearly a welcome one.
The sweet thing sat as still as a statue so her mom could get the jacket around her. Once she did, she took a second to look the dog over and decided it wasn’t going to do.

Source: Kristina Hollie/The Dodo

She wanted to make sure that her furbaby was as warm and cozy as he could possibly be while she left him to tend to her errands. Even though a trip to the post office only takes a couple of minutes, she didn’t want her dog to suffer for even a second. So, with that in mind, she bent down and zipped the jacket shut.

“Maybe she thought he would kick it off, so she bent down and zipped it up around him!” Kristina continued.

Moved by the touching scene of the woman shedding her own coat to keep her dog warm, Kristina decided she had to compliment the woman’s compassion.

“As soon as she got up and walked past me, I told her that what she did was incredibly sweet and thoughtful. She just replied, ‘Thank you! I don’t want him to be cold!’” Kristina remembers.

Thankfully, though, some states are starting to turn the power of the law in favor of our four-legged friends.

We are glad to see that this woman is such a loving and compassionate dog owner. We are elated, though, that the law is finally stepping up for the pups that aren’t as lucky in the human-department as this one.