Woman Trains Dog To Fetch Her A Cocktail Every Time She Says “Gin O’Clock”

Dogs can be incredibly clever and the tricks they can learn are quite impressive. One smart Labrador may take the cake, though, for a trick his owner taught him. Every time she says, “Gin O’Clock,” the dog fetches her a drink!

Janice is outside working in her garden in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, when she decides it’s time for a drink break.

Rather than getting up and fetching the drink herself, the 64-year-old says that it’s “gin o’clock,” and her dog, Bear, goes running!

“it’s scary” that her dog knows what gin means, and seconds later, he returns with a can of Tanqueray gin and tonic secured in his mouth.


According to the Mirror, Bear was initially trained to pick things up and give them to Janice after she had a double hip replacement and couldn’t bend down and pick things up for herself with a grabber tool.



The Daily Mail reported that the dog doesn’t just fetch gin and tonics, either. According to them, Janice shared that bear will bring her beer, cider, or bottles of wine if asked.