Woman tries to convince owner to give up chained up mama dog and her puppies

Some dog owners prefer their dogs being tied on a leash outside, sometimes with a heavy chain. Dogs don’t deserve to live like this.

People may think that it’s fine so they could not escape from home but putting them on chains would just restrict them from their freedom and would also hinder their own development even more.

This woman happened to witness such a lonesome sight on someone’s home.

Lisa, from Frankie, Lola, and Friends rescue, got a call from someone about a mama dog and her three puppies. When they were welcomed by the owner, the team witnessed an upsetting sight.



Two of the adult dogs were chained, but only the mom was wearing a heavier chain. They could tell that they were tied like that for a long time. Meanwhile, one puppy was running actively around the garage.

While Lisa was examining the state of the adult dogs, the man dragged a crate with the other two puppies. The man willingly surrendered the puppies while helping them carry the crate back to the truck. However, when he was asked about the chained mama dog, he blatantly refused them.


He told them, “You’re not getting her.”

When the man started acting stubborn, Lisa then took control of the situation.

Lisa knew that the dogs were in a sorry state, and they believe they could provide the help that these dogs need. That’s why she just cannot let them be.

Lisa calmly tried to approach the man and told him, “You’re awesome, you did the right thing.”



Lisa continued trying to convince the man, but since the man didn’t want to let them go, she instead suggested some ways to help those dogs.

However, they didn’t expect what the man told them next.
“Open the door!” interrupted the dog’s owner.

At that point, Lisa understood that the man already knew that his dogs need their help. When Lisa released their chains, you could see how happy the dogs were.



It did not take long for the dogs to be coaxed into their truck. Although it was hard for the man to be separated from his dogs, it couldn’t be helped if they’re going to live with chains forever.

Frankie, Lola, and Friends rescue openly welcomed these dogs to their shelter.

Lisa and the team worked hard to vaccinate the pups along with their mom after cleaning them. The dogs look a thousand times happier than living chained at the garage. They gained weight and were becoming more active and sociable.



Even the mama dog felt like she was free for the first time. She mostly spent playing with the other big dogs in the shelter like a puppy.

It did not take long for these dogs to be sent to their fur-ever homes.



Lisa found people to foster the puppies temporarily, but eventually, some families decided to adopt them. Mama also found a better home for herself. She even got along with another puppy. They noticed how sweet she has become.